Wednesday, May 16, 2012

U.S., California Take Number One Spots – In Car Accidents

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The United States is famous for a lot of positive things — a melting pot of many different cultures, Hollywood movies, Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, branded products. The almost endless list goes on.  However, “The Land of the Free” is not free from car accidents.

United States: Number one in car accidents

According to a study, U.S. ranks first on the list of most car accident-prone countries in the world.  The study ranks countries as such:

(Deaths per 100,000 people)

10. Canada – 9.6 percent
9. Germany – 9.8 percent
8. Australia – 10 percent
7. Austria – 10.4 percent
6. Ireland – 11.6 percent
5. Italy – 12.9 percent
4. France – 13.7 percent
3. New Zealand – 14 percent
2. Belgium – 15.4 percent
1. United States – 15.5 percent

According to statistics, about 6,420,000 motor vehicle-related accidents occurred in the U.S. in 2005 alone, with some 42,636 fatalities.  It is estimated that about 115 people die each day due to car accidents in the country, or one fatality every 13 minutes.

According to studies, automobile mishaps are considered the sixth leading preventable cause of death in the country.  Two of the reasons why U.S. is plagued with vehicle accidents are its highly-developed industrial economy and its large population.  The combination of the two mentioned factors may easily heighten the probability of car crashes.

California: Number one, too

When it comes to per state analysis of automobile accidents in the U.S., California holds the number spot when it comes to U.S. states with the most number of road accident-related deaths.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), out of 42,642 car accident fatalities in the country in 2006, California recorded the most number of deaths.

The following are the top five states with the most cases of road accident fatalities in 2006 as determined by NHTSA:

5. North Carolina – 1,559 deaths
4. Georgia – 1,693 deaths
3. Florida – 3,374 deaths
2. Texas – 3,475 deaths
1. California – 4,236 deaths

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