Monday, March 26, 2012

Mary Ward’s Story “First Fatal Car Accident Victim”

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The first ever fatal road accident occurred in Irish Midlands, Ireland in 1869. The first fatal victim recorded? Mary Ward, a prominent scientist, artist, and astronomer. According to historical accounts, Ward fell from the steam carriage she was riding and was crushed by the vehicle’s iron wheels.

Ward is known to be one of the earliest amateur scientists of her time. She devoted her time studying specimens through the use of the microscope. Her passion for studying specimens led into her inclination towards microscopy. Ward never had formal schooling because during her time, women are not allowed to go to higher education schools. But, the lack of formal knowledge did not hinder Ward to become an amateur scientist. She expanded her knowledge in the field of science by studying microscopy by herself and by sending mails to established scientists.

In addition to her feats in the field of science, Ward is also renowned for her artistic skills. Ward has precise hands in sketching, and she even published Sketches with the Microscope. She independently published the book because she thought no publisher will accept it, knowing that she is a woman. She initially published 250 copies of the book, and after a few weeks, they were sold out. A London publisher was amazed with the book and decided to publish it. From 1858 to 1880, Ward’s sketch book was reprinted eight times.

Ward’s expert knowledge about science was not able to save her from the laws of physics, though – things on Earth tend to fall downward. On August 31, 1869, Ward became the first fatal accident victim. She fell from the steam carriage that his cousin’s sons made. After falling from the carriage, the steel wheels of the steam-powered vehicle instantly crushed her neck, causing her death.

Hundreds of years after the first fatal car accident, traffic collisions, crashes, and mishaps are now unfortunately common these days; which is why road safety must be a top priority of all California drivers. Los Angeles attorneys always remind California motorists to drive responsibly to avoid such fatal accidents.


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