Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why hire a truck accident attorney in San Diego

Truck Accident In San Diego

Wet and snow can aggravate road condition on Interstate 5 and 8 en route to San Diego. Roll over and collision can happen when drivers are not careful enough. Common vehicles which are prone to crashes on extreme weather condition are SUVs, trucks, and motorcycles. 

If you or your loved one is injured in a truck accident in San Diego, you may consult with a Personal Injury attorney to help you recover damages. 

Consulting with seasoned accident attorneys can help you assert legal action and recover damages. We can assist you in either filing an insurance claim or a formal lawsuit to assert compensation for your injuries and losses. 

Insurance claim

If you have purchased comprehensive insurance policy for your truck, we can help you file a claim on your insurance company. We guide you throughout this process:

1. Gathering of documents such as photos from the accident scene, copy of police report, witness statements, and medical records. 
2. Determining the settlement amount
3. Setting a meeting with the insurance representative
4. Retrieving the payment either in lump sum or structured payment

Filing a Personal Injury lawsuit

If your injuries are serious, and the accident was caused by the negligent act of the
other driver; we can help you file a Personal Injury lawsuit. It allows you to prove that the defendant has a liability over your injuries and losses. 

Your expert lawyer help you go through this legal process:

1. Pre-trial
2. Trial
3. Verdict
4. Appeal 

Trust only the attorneys who work with forensic engineers and medical practitioners to provide accident reconstruction and expert analysis for your case. 

There are skilled attorneys who have proven track record and uphold high ethical standards to ensure that you receive professional legal service with excellent results. 

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego

Motorcycle accidents mostly occur when the rider makes a sudden left turn and an oncoming vehicle hits the rider. These types of accidents are often caused by driving errors and violations of road safety laws.

Due to an increasing number of motorcycle accidents in San Diego, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has implemented tighter security measures to prevent road hazards.

If you or your loved one has suffered injuries from an accident in San Diego, you may consult with a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney to recover damages.

Only skilled accident attorneys from a reputable lawfirm can help you establish the fault of the person who caused the accident and assert compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle accident also occurs when:

1.    The rider fails to yield
2.    The rider fails to give turn signals
3.    The other vehicle runs on red light
4.    Either of the driver has committed Driving Under Influence (DUI) violation
5.    The truck driver speeds on the intersection

When a motorcyclist is not wearing helmet, injuries can aggravate and may require long-term treatment.

An expert lawyer can help you establish fault by:

1.    Proving that the defendant has a duty of care over you
2.    Establish that the defendant has failed to fulfill such duty
3.    Establish the causes of events, leading to accident
4.    Showing proof that the accident led to your injuries

He can guide you throughout this legal process:

1.    Assessment of your case
2.    Gathering of evidence such as photos from the accident scene, copy of police reports, and medical records.
3.    Mediation/ Pre- trial
4.    Trial
5.    Verdict
6.    Appeal

Handles related Personal Injury cases such as:

1.    Bus accident
2.    Train accident
3.    Car accident
4.    Product liability
5.    Premises liability
6.    Animal attack

And most importantly works with medical practitioners and professionals to provide accident reconstruction that can substantiate your case.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

saving 2000 Lives on new GDL Requirements

National Safety Council had released a new study. The council said that as many as 2000 live can be saved anually if restriction was placed in a teenagers driving license. The agency was formed by congress, and they suggested that adoption of graduated driver licensing system will gradually lessen the traffic fatalities such as automobile accident and motorcycle accident that causes death for teenagers in US.

GDL laws have been on the drivers book since 1998, Teenage applying for California license must obey certain rules and guidelines in order to receive a provisional drivers license and finally a full driver's license.  Based from the agency’s estimation,  at least a hundred lives can be saced every year. According to a new study, if only California will adopt the proposed GDL requirements, additional 133 lives can be saved annually in the state.

Below are the components of proposed requirement for GDL:

*16 is the minimum age for a learner's permit
*Supervised Driving for 6 months
*Supervised driving during learner's stage is 30 hours
*16 1/2 minumum intermediate licensing
*Nightime driving is restricted up to 10pm only
*Intermediate license holder must not more than non-family passenger
*for a full license 17 is the minimum age