Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Can Speech-to-text Devices Save You From Crashing?

Distracted Driver that leads to car accident
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When voice-activated functionality came out on on mobile phones like Apple’s “Siri” and Google Voice, people thought that this could actually be the end of one motorist’s driving woes. Imagine, just say what you need and what you want the phone to do and it’ll figure things out all by itself. You just need an Internet connection and a good understandable speaking and you’re all good to go. However, it seems like this new tech doesn’t work as promised.

Even more distractive

The main reason why voice to text apps was made is to eliminate distraction. Especially when driving, these apps promise to be great tools to minimize, if not completely avoid distracted driving. However, tests made by researchers from the University of Utah say that these cause even more distractions while driving. About 12 male and 20 female drivers aged 18 to 33 were equipped with sensors were given a battery of tests in vehicle simulators and real cars. These studies prove that sending text messages using a speech to text app were more distractive than just listening to the car’s radio or talking to passengers.

Consumer Electronic groups challenge the studies

An industry group, the Consumer Electronic Association has disputed the findings of the University of Utah research. According to the group, the researchers of the university have made “a number of methodology flaws” that resulted in the findings that they have. The group questions the results of the research of the popular university.

The dangers of distracted driving

In another report made a year ago, the National Safety Council said that the use of mobile phones have something to do with 24 percent of all vehicle crashes in the US. A Los Angeles attorney finds this strange since most states now have laws banning the use of mobile phones while driving a motor vehicle. Every year, thousands of Americans die because of accidents caused by distracted driving. The government, even consumer electronic groups are trying hard to do everything to come up with a solution to end distracted driving. This will prevent injuries and deaths that is caused by accidents and there would be no need for a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer to make claims for these loss of lives.


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