Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Staying Safe on the Road with Semis
On freeways and main thoroughfares, semi-trucks are a common sight. Other names for these large vehicles are transport, semi, tractor-trailers, big rigs, 18-wheelers, or lorry. These behemoths are the prime movers of the heaviest of things from one place to another. Every time you’d go out for a drive on the biggest and busiest interstate roads, you’d normally see one passing by. These are very important parts of a country’s economy as the goods that it carries help move the nation forward.

Scary Semis
Upon seeing one, a person can’t help but get intimidated by these huge vehicles. More than its size, the heavy cargo that these semis carry can overwhelm an average driver driving a regular vehicle. You’d naturally be terrified, just thinking about the consequences should the trailer snap or if its cargo falls on you. These thoughts have basis though as some of the deadliest and nastiest accidents on freeways are caused by semis. Just a few days back, a semi rolled over along the Interstate 80 one early morning. While the real cause of the accident is still unknown, the semi rolling over almost got other vehicles involved with the mishap. Such is just one of the many recorded accidents involving semis every year. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 500,000 semis and large commercial vehicles have been involved or have caused traffic crashes in 2010 alone. These recorded accidents have injured more than 100,000 people and killed 5,000 more. That is why a lawyer for auto accident in Los Angeles get more concerned with the safety of people, sharing the roads with this big rig.

Keeping Safe with Semis
Semis, despite its huge size and heavy loads are rather safe. However, some precautions must be taken to ensure that these behemoths will not be involved in an accident. Here are some tips for safety as compiled through the help of an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles that has handled many cases involving semi-trucks.

Wear your seatbelts. This can’t be stressed enough. One should always wear his or her seatbelts every time they are on board cars. This makes sense all the more while driving on roads with semis. This will help protect you in the event of a collision, lessening the chances of you getting badly injured.

Be conspicuous and keep distance. Driving huge semis is such a chore. That is why you should help the driver by staying visible and staying away from blind spots. This way, there would be lesser chances of you and your vehicle getting entangled with these trucks.

Be a responsible, defensive driver. The best safety system of a vehicle is its driver. The more responsible and defensive driver you are, the safer you and your passengers are on the road.

Semis may be dangerous but these are a part of your life as a commuter. And so, an attorney for auto accident in Los Angeles says that we can’t do anything much about the presence of these giants on the road. The only thing that we can do to stay safe is by doing everything that is necessary to avoid a collision or minimize the chance of collisions from happening. This way, you can enjoy driving around while sharing the road with these semi-trucks.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

101 Freeway Crash Leaves 6 with Different Injuries
Almost every single day, hundreds of motor vehicle accidents are recorded in the State of California. These mishaps are causing the state hundreds of thousands worth of damages to property, thousands of injuries and death. These do not only affect drivers and passengers of the vehicles plying by the roads. It also involves pedestrians, innocent passersby that do not have anything to do at all with the situation.

Car Sparks Huge Accident

It only takes one irresponsible driver or a badly-maintained vehicle to spark a huge accident on the road. Especially on the freeway where motorists are travelling at high speeds, avoiding accidents are just harder than the usual. For example, one car was traveling early morning on the northbound lane of the 101 Freeway at Oak Street. Initial investigations revealed that a car collided with another vehicle. For reasons yet undisclosed, the three passengers of the car, one of which received severe, life threatening injuries were badly hurt and was rushed to the Ventura County Medical Center. Three more victims were brought to the Community Memorial Hospital in the area. Good thing, the fuel tank of the car that got semi-ruptured in the accident did not explode. Crews were able to prevent 40 gallons of fuel from entering a nearby storm drain, preventing what could have been an even more deadly accident. It took hours for CalTrans to be able to clean up and assess the condition of the road.

Avoiding Motor Vehicle Accidents

Yes, accidents happen at times when one least expects it. However, doing the necessary precautions can help a lot in helping minimize the chances of these mishaps from happening. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), impaired and distracted driving remains on top of the list of reasons why motor vehicle accidents happen. The condition of the road and the vehicle also plays a huge role as to why mishaps occur.

What to Do When Accidents Strike

Your safety is the most important thing to consider. That is why you have to go and ensure your safety first above everything. Documenting pieces of evidence is also important as this would help should you decide filing a claim against the other party whom you collided. Hiring an attorney for auto accident in los angeles
to help you prepare and file a claim, and represent you in any legal proceedings can help you avenge what has happened to you, get the justice that you need, and make the negligent and irresponsible people held accountable for their actions. There might be no fool-proof way of staying away from such accidents. However, equipping yourself with the right information and tools can help you stay on top of the situation and have things working in your favor.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

According to study: Los Angeles Not Safe for Pedestrians

Traffic accident that can cause severe injury

 Los Angeles is a hotspot for different types of road accidents, and pedestrian accidents are not an exemption.

A study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found out that Los Angeles pedestrians are particularly at risk of getting involved in traffic accidents. read more about traffic accidents here

The said study found that pedestrians make up to about a third of all traffic fatalities in the Los Angeles area. This means that the rate of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles is nearly triple the national average of 11.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2009 alone, about 563 Californians were killed as a result of pedestrian accidents. This number accounted for 19 percent of the total fatal road accidents in the state.

According to Michael Sivak, a professor at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, it is not surprising that pedestrian accidents are common in Los Angeles because of its urban setting. He added that crowded and highly-urbanized areas like Los Angeles and New York are common places for fatal pedestrian accidents.

As it is, the odds are unfortunately not on the side of Los Angeles commuters and pedestrians; hence, they have to equip themselves with the right knowledge about traffic safety.

The following are some of the simple and effective safety tips for pedestrians:

Use designated crosswalks – Never attempt to jaywalk because you would only put your life in danger when a driver failed to notice you crossing.

Wear something bright – Wearing bright-colored outfit will make you easily noticeable by motor vehicle drivers.

Avoid walking on busy roadways – Roadways packed with vehicles are likely to become a pedestrian accident scene. Avoiding such places can spare you from one.

In case you get hit by a vehicle while walking in Los Angeles, the best way you could do after receiving medical treatment is to contact an expert injury attorney in los angeles. He or she can represent you and help you in claiming for personal injury damages.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Role of Emergency Response Teams in Ensuring Safety on the Road

Ambulances are very important emergency response vehicles. That is why on the road, everyone must and are ordered to yield to these vehicles as they carry people battling for their lives and survival. And so, what are the odds of the very tool to save lives can endanger it?

An unlikely accident

In Orange County, California recently, two people got hurt as the ambulance they were riding crashed into one of the poles, just outside the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. According to authorities, the accident took place around 7:00 AM. The driver of the ambulance as well as a passenger, were both trapped inside the vehicle. While both have suffered minor injuries, it was not at all easy for the rescuers to free the victims from the ambulance. Ironically, this happened right in front of a hospital.

The responsibility of ambulance drivers and crew
Given the importance of these emergency response vehicles, drivers and the crew on board these vehicles must take all necessary precautions when operating such vehicle. While the concern is to bring the patients to the nearest medical facility as quickly as possible, these professionals must ensure that safety not just of the patient they are transporting, but of everybody else on the road remains on top of their priorities.

An Auto Accident lawyer in Los Angeles reminds members of emergency response teams that though they are given priority in as far as road use is concerned, they should always act responsively. These people are not exempted from traffic laws and can be held liable for their negligent actions that cause the injuries of people they share the road with. If you have been involved in an accident because of the arrogant behavior on the road of these emergency response teams, you can file personal injury claims against them. If you have the pieces of evidence needed and can prove that your injuries, damage to property, even the loss of a loved one’s lie have been caused by such accidents, you can ask for damages to avenge what has happened to you.

So whoever you are and whatever it is that you drive, always make sure that you exercise safe driving habits. Cause one small mistake on your part can affect the lives of others.