Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Role of Emergency Response Teams in Ensuring Safety on the Road


Ambulances are very important emergency response vehicles. That is why on the road, everyone must and are ordered to yield to these vehicles as they carry people battling for their lives and survival. And so, what are the odds of the very tool to save lives can endanger it?

An unlikely accident

In Orange County, California recently, two people got hurt as the ambulance they were riding crashed into one of the poles, just outside the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. According to authorities, the accident took place around 7:00 AM. The driver of the ambulance as well as a passenger, were both trapped inside the vehicle. While both have suffered minor injuries, it was not at all easy for the rescuers to free the victims from the ambulance. Ironically, this happened right in front of a hospital.

The responsibility of ambulance drivers and crew
Given the importance of these emergency response vehicles, drivers and the crew on board these vehicles must take all necessary precautions when operating such vehicle. While the concern is to bring the patients to the nearest medical facility as quickly as possible, these professionals must ensure that safety not just of the patient they are transporting, but of everybody else on the road remains on top of their priorities.

An Auto Accident lawyer in Los Angeles reminds members of emergency response teams that though they are given priority in as far as road use is concerned, they should always act responsively. These people are not exempted from traffic laws and can be held liable for their negligent actions that cause the injuries of people they share the road with. If you have been involved in an accident because of the arrogant behavior on the road of these emergency response teams, you can file personal injury claims against them. If you have the pieces of evidence needed and can prove that your injuries, damage to property, even the loss of a loved one’s lie have been caused by such accidents, you can ask for damages to avenge what has happened to you.

So whoever you are and whatever it is that you drive, always make sure that you exercise safe driving habits. Cause one small mistake on your part can affect the lives of others.


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