Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Car Crash Avoiding Driving Practices

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Every day, people die or get incapacitated because of car crashes. The thing is, they can be prevented if only people take better care whenever they are behind the wheel. Sometimes, no matter how good a driver you are, a maniac on wheels will come by, cause an accident, and ruin your life.

Of course, you can’t just hide under a rock and just quit driving to avoid these accidents. So we’re sharing these tips from automotive journalists that you can keep in mind to lessen the likelihood of you figuring in a car crash:

•    Keep your car in good shape. Haven’t adverts and magazines told enough? A car in good condition performs better and is much safer to drive. Have those regular trips to the mechanic become a common practice to ensure your vehicle’s perfect running condition.

•    You are what you drive. In conjunction to the earlier tip, gauge how a driver would behave on the road by looking at his ride. Stay away from those who drive poorly-maintained cars. If one doesn’t take good care of his car, chances are, he doesn’t care about the safety and welfare of others, too.

•    Left hand at nine, right hand at three. Driving with your hands in the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions of the steering wheel can help speed up your reaction time. Should something come up ahead of you, this method would help you steer your vehicle faster, avoiding road hazards and, in effect, accidents.

•    Have the blind spots covered. Among the most common causes of accidents are vehicles driving on blind spots. Adjusting your side and rear view mirrors can in a way give you an eye around you so you can have those blind spots covered. Look well at them whenever with your every maneuver.

•    Know your car better. Not all cars are created equal. There are different driving techniques with every kind of car. And because of that, you should know your car’s limitations and adjust your driving style accordingly.

•    Always scan the road ahead. By doing so, you will see everything up front and can steer away from road safety hazards that you need to avoid, quickly. This would also help you calculate your actions better to ensure safe maneuvering of your ride all the time.

•    Avoid driving at night. No matter how bright your headlamps are, they do not make night driving any less dangerous.

Nothing beats your parents’ “look both ways before you enter an intersection” or “don’t tailgate” as guides when driving. Just the same, follow these highly-effective tips so you can save yourself from the hassles that car crashes bring.

Should you wish to continue driving dangerously, you might as well have contact numbers of a Los Angeles car crash attorney handy to help bail you out of your next crash. That is, if you’re still alive. But then again, why take the risk when you can be on the safe side of things?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Vehicle Recalls and Consumer Rights

Car Recalls | Product liability

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Losing a loved one from a tragic accident is such a painful experience, especially if the incident could have been prevented.

In August of 2009, California Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor was driving a loaned Lexus ES350 with three family members. The car suddenly accelerated out of control, causing it to hit another vehicle, and burned after it tumbled down.

Apparently, Saylor’s car was being serviced because the wrong set of carpets was installed, interfering with the accelerator pedal. Saylor and all of his companions died on that accident and it started the huge wave of recalls issued by Toyota. Saylor’s family went on to press charges against Toyota, along with the thousands of other customers who also figured in accidents that had cost the lives of their loved ones.

Consequently, class suits were filed against the Japanese carmaker, forcing its chief executive to attend various congressional and fact-finding inquiries. Until now, Toyota is being hounded by the issues of the past years, significantly affecting the sales of its vehicles.

The largest Japanese carmaker was once known as the manufacturer of the most reliable vehicles. However, the global automotive industry had a rude awakening as the Tokyo-based automotive giant started issuing recalls after recalls of the vehicles they produced here in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Since then, the once highly-respected brand became the most notorious as it issued consecutive recall orders for most of its Toyota and Lexus vehicles. These recalls spanned over millions of vehicles produced from 2009-2011. The woes of the said carmaker looks far from over as just this March of 2012, Toyota made another round of recalls for some 681,500 of its vehicles.

Companies seem unaware that the consumers are king and that they should be given nothing but the best from their purchased goods or services.

Meanwhile, if you figured in an accident and lost a loved one, or sustained serious injuries because of a defective vehicle, then you should make your voice heard. The best course of action is to get the services of the finest Los Angeles car accident attorney. This way, you stand to get every bit of compensation for your loss once your lawyer successfully handled your court case.

By fighting the good fight in such case, you are giving yourself and the general public a huge favor. You are becoming an instrument to ensure that nothing like it ever happens again.

Monday, October 15, 2012

California Filipino Hospital Workers Win Settlement in Language Discrimination Suit

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Filipino nurses play a vital role in the healthcare industry of the United States. For decades, Filipino hospital workers have filled the shortage of manpower in many hospitals in the country. Additionally, according to reports, more than half of American nurses who were trained outside the country are from the Philippines. This only establishes the importance of Filipino hospital staff workers to the country’s medical industry.

Despite the importance of Filipino nurses and other hospital workers to Americans, they are still subjected to discrimination and harassment. In a landmark case recently settled, about 70 Filipino hospital workers in Kern County, California have won settlement for a language discrimination case filed on their behalf by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC).

In the lawsuit filed in 2010, it was said that a group of Filipino hospital workers of Delano Regional Medical Center (DRMC) were subjected to discrimination and hostile working environment after they were targeted by the hospital’s English-only policy.

The said policy allegedly only applied to Filipino workers. The English-only policy of the hospital prohibited Filipino workers from speaking Tagalog or other Filipino languages. In the State of California, English-only policies are not prohibited as long as it is of business necessity.

According to the EEOC, the Filipino hospital workers experienced hostile working environment after they were constantly reminded to speak only in English even during their breaks. Furthermore, the workers claimed that workers who speak other languages were not targeted by the policy.

The federal agency claims that a language-based company policy is considered lawful if it is fairly implemented and does not take effect during employees’ break time. Hence, the actions done by DRMC violated the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on an employee’s national origin and race.

Los Angeles workers who feel that they are being subjected to national origin or race discrimination in the workplace should take necessary actions by consulting with a Los Angeles discrimination lawyer and by filing a formal complaint with the EEOC.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things You Should Check on Your Vehicle before Using It

Things to check before driving a car

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Checking your vehicle prior to driving it is tantamount to saving your life from car accidents. In the United States, certain road accidents are caused by faulty car parts, which is why it is imperative for any car owner to ensure that his or her vehicle is roadworthy before using it.

Things to check before driving

There are particular vehicle parts that every driver should check before hitting the road. These parts play a vital role in safe and efficient driving, which is why drivers must check them before driving. These parts are popularly abbreviated as “BLOWBAG.”

Brakes – Drivers must check whether their vehicle’s brake system is working well. They must check the car’s brake pads if they are still in good condition. Also, drivers should check the vehicle’s brake fluid to determine if it is still on its maximum level.

Lights – The car’s headlights and signal lights should be in perfect condition, especially if the driver will use his or her vehicle at night or in places with low-light conditions.

Oil – Drivers must see to it that their vehicle’s oil is on normal to maximum level. Motorists who are planning to go on a long trip should have an extra liter of oil.

Water – Drivers going on a long drive must make sure that their radiator’s water is on its maximum level. Also, they must look for any leaks that can drain out their radiator.

Battery – It is advisable for drivers to check if their car’s battery is functioning well. They should also look for any corrosion on the battery terminal.

Air – Air pressure on tires should be on their normal level. Drivers must also make sure that their tires have no damage or cuts. Bringing in a spare tire is a must for any driver.

Gas – Before driving, drivers must check their gas meter to know the level of remaining gas on their vehicle.

It is strongly recommended to drivers who are going on a long trip to have their vehicles checked by expert mechanics to avoid any inconvenience along the way. Los Angeles injury lawyers likewise advise drivers to make sure that their vehicles are roadworthy prior to using them to avoid any accidents.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Irresponsible Behaviors of Drivers that Result In Car Accidents

Los Angeles Traffic Accident | Car Accident

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The State of California is among U.S. states heavily plagued with traffic accidents. In 2006, the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that there were 4,236 traffic fatalities in California, making it the state with the highest number of road accident fatalities.

There are many factors that make traffic accidents common in California, one of which is irresponsible behavior of drivers. Certain California drivers practice unsafe and irresponsible driving that make road accidents more common.

The following are some of the irresponsible behaviors of California drivers that result in auto accidents:

Aggressive driving – Drivers who speed are likely to become victims of California car accidents. Motorists who break traffic rules on speeding have limited time to react to sudden changes in the traffic situation like crossing pedestrians and swerving vehicles, which make them vulnerable to road crashes.

Distracted driving – California drivers who use their cell phones and electronic gadgets while driving are susceptible to cause or be involved in a traffic accident. According to studies, distracted drivers are four times more impaired than intoxicated drivers; this is one of the reasons distracted drivers are highly vulnerable to different types of vehicular accidents.

Tailgating – Drivers who tailgate other vehicles are likely to cause a rear-end accident. It is thus advisable for California motorists not to drive too closely to other vehicles. The recommended space between two vehicles is measured by 2-second rule.

Intoxicated driving – Motorists who operate their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol are likely to make poor judgment on their driving duties as alcohol can impair a person’s senses and logical thinking. In California, drivers with at least .08 percent of blood alcohol content (BAC) are not allowed to drive.

California drivers or pedestrians who get involved in a car accident caused by irresponsible motorists are advised to seek for personal injury damages. Victims may consult with a Los Angeles auto accident attorney who can assist them in filing a lawsuit and claiming for injury compensations.