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Things You Should Check on Your Vehicle before Using It

Things to check before driving a car

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Checking your vehicle prior to driving it is tantamount to saving your life from car accidents. In the United States, certain road accidents are caused by faulty car parts, which is why it is imperative for any car owner to ensure that his or her vehicle is roadworthy before using it.

Things to check before driving

There are particular vehicle parts that every driver should check before hitting the road. These parts play a vital role in safe and efficient driving, which is why drivers must check them before driving. These parts are popularly abbreviated as “BLOWBAG.”

Brakes – Drivers must check whether their vehicle’s brake system is working well. They must check the car’s brake pads if they are still in good condition. Also, drivers should check the vehicle’s brake fluid to determine if it is still on its maximum level.

Lights – The car’s headlights and signal lights should be in perfect condition, especially if the driver will use his or her vehicle at night or in places with low-light conditions.

Oil – Drivers must see to it that their vehicle’s oil is on normal to maximum level. Motorists who are planning to go on a long trip should have an extra liter of oil.

Water – Drivers going on a long drive must make sure that their radiator’s water is on its maximum level. Also, they must look for any leaks that can drain out their radiator.

Battery – It is advisable for drivers to check if their car’s battery is functioning well. They should also look for any corrosion on the battery terminal.

Air – Air pressure on tires should be on their normal level. Drivers must also make sure that their tires have no damage or cuts. Bringing in a spare tire is a must for any driver.

Gas – Before driving, drivers must check their gas meter to know the level of remaining gas on their vehicle.

It is strongly recommended to drivers who are going on a long trip to have their vehicles checked by expert mechanics to avoid any inconvenience along the way. Los Angeles injury lawyers likewise advise drivers to make sure that their vehicles are roadworthy prior to using them to avoid any accidents.


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