Friday, October 19, 2012

Vehicle Recalls and Consumer Rights

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Losing a loved one from a tragic accident is such a painful experience, especially if the incident could have been prevented.

In August of 2009, California Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor was driving a loaned Lexus ES350 with three family members. The car suddenly accelerated out of control, causing it to hit another vehicle, and burned after it tumbled down.

Apparently, Saylor’s car was being serviced because the wrong set of carpets was installed, interfering with the accelerator pedal. Saylor and all of his companions died on that accident and it started the huge wave of recalls issued by Toyota. Saylor’s family went on to press charges against Toyota, along with the thousands of other customers who also figured in accidents that had cost the lives of their loved ones.

Consequently, class suits were filed against the Japanese carmaker, forcing its chief executive to attend various congressional and fact-finding inquiries. Until now, Toyota is being hounded by the issues of the past years, significantly affecting the sales of its vehicles.

The largest Japanese carmaker was once known as the manufacturer of the most reliable vehicles. However, the global automotive industry had a rude awakening as the Tokyo-based automotive giant started issuing recalls after recalls of the vehicles they produced here in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Since then, the once highly-respected brand became the most notorious as it issued consecutive recall orders for most of its Toyota and Lexus vehicles. These recalls spanned over millions of vehicles produced from 2009-2011. The woes of the said carmaker looks far from over as just this March of 2012, Toyota made another round of recalls for some 681,500 of its vehicles.

Companies seem unaware that the consumers are king and that they should be given nothing but the best from their purchased goods or services.

Meanwhile, if you figured in an accident and lost a loved one, or sustained serious injuries because of a defective vehicle, then you should make your voice heard. The best course of action is to get the services of the finest Los Angeles car accident attorney. This way, you stand to get every bit of compensation for your loss once your lawyer successfully handled your court case.

By fighting the good fight in such case, you are giving yourself and the general public a huge favor. You are becoming an instrument to ensure that nothing like it ever happens again.


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