Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tips on Avoiding Car Accidents during Rainy Season in California

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When the rainy season starts in California, car accidents become more common. Slippery roads, zero road visibility, and heavy rains are the common recipes for road disasters in California during this season.

Even though car accidents are common during rainy days in California, drivers could avoid such mishaps provided that they are willing to practice proper road decorum and preventive measures. Accordingly, a California motorist may avoid road accidents by following these simple advices:

Slow down – Given the fact that rain makes the road slippery, it is imperative for drivers not to speed. However, drivers should not also drive in a very slow pace so as to avoid rear-end collisions. Also, drivers are advised not to tailgate and to leave at least a car-length space from the vehicle in front of them. Weaving in and out of the road is also a big no-no because the roads are slippery and can easily cause rollover.

Focus on the road – Distracted driving could heighten the dangers of slippery roads; hence, drivers must focus their attention on the road rather than on other things such as electronic devices. Drivers must also be extra attentive when driving under the heavy rains because the visibility during this type of weather is limited.

Turn on the headlights – Heavy rain may cause poor road visibility, and when this occurs, drivers should turn the headlights and hazard lights of their car in order for other motorists to recognize them. Also, it would be helpful to turn on hazard lights to further caution other drivers who may have a hard time noticing other vehicles.

Avoid sudden brakes – Abrupt braking may cause the vehicle to skid uncontrollably and may result in unsafe lane changes. Skidding on a slippery or wet surface can easily cause the vehicle to rollover.

Safe and responsible driving should always be highlighted during rainy season in California so that traffic fatalities and injuries can be avoided. Los Angeles drivers must see to it that they are following all safety protocols and laws for them to ensure the public’s safety. They should likewise always remember that even a single minor mistake can result into road tragedies, especially when the roads are wet and slippery.

Los Angeles auto accident attorneys remind drivers to be extra careful when driving during rainy days to avoid suffering from different types of major injuries like spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding, immobility, bone fracture, and others.


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