Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Chilling Facts about Car Accidents

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Sometimes, scare tactics work for people who care less about their own and other people’s safety.

Every year, thousands of people get killed in vehicular accidents due to the negligence of certain motorists to practice and prioritize safety. Hence, the need for drivers to know the scary and alarming facts and statistics about road accidents become a must.

In this regard, motorists should not only know but also understand the dangers of traffic mishaps for them to practice caution and put responsible driving on a pedestal. It could be considered as a win-win scenario, since they are safe from accidents, and so are other people.

The following are some of the chilling facts about road accidents that California motorists should keep in mind for them to realize the certain dangers of negligent driving:

•    A person gets killed in a car accident every 12 minutes, or roughly 117 traffic deaths per day
•    Drivers and vehicle occupants aged 16-20 are most likely to be injured in a car accident
•    At least 39 percent of the total traffic deaths in 2005 were alcohol-related
•    Every 525 minutes, a person dies in a car accident in California due to intoxicated driving
•    At least 950 were killed in California in 2009 due to alcohol-related crashes
•    About 100,000 car accidents happen every year in the country due to drowsy drivers
•    About 40,000 injuries and 1,550 traffic fatalities are associated with drowsy driving every year
•    In the year 2008, roughly 28.4 percent of all fatal car crashes in California were due to speeding

California motorists should remember the mentioned facts and statistics for them to mind their actions when driving. They must keep in mind that with even a simple act of negligence in driving, their own and other people’s lives and safety are at stake.

Accordingly, drivers are not the only ones who need to remember certain points, but accident victims as well. California car accident victims should know a thing or two about their rights as personal injury survivors for them to effectively recover for compensations.

The following are some of the reminders that California car accident victims should remember:

1.    Secure all evidence – Victims should secure and keep all documents that prove their claim. Documents that should be kept include police report, hospital records, medication receipts, car repair receipts, proof of loss of income, and others.

2.    Hire an attorney – Claiming for personal injury damages require a good legal representation. Therefore, it is a must for accident victims to get the services of an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney for them to successfully claim for compensations.


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