Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lack of Bicycle Lanes as Cause of Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents

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One of the different reasons of bicycle accidents in Los Angeles County is the lack of bike lanes. Even though there are hundreds of miles of bike ways in the county, they still cannot compensate the need of the cyclists. Hence, the Department of City Planning of Los Angeles County and the United State Department of Transportation (DOT) joined forces in 2010 to solve the lack of bicycle lanes in Los Angeles. The collaboration between the said agencies envisioned to create at least 200 miles of bicycle lanes every five years.

Recently, the Department of City Planning held a meeting to survey the effectiveness of the joint project. In the said meeting, the department asked the communities for feedbacks in relation to the implementation of the program. Additionally, the department asked for suggestions from the public to ensure that the program will take effect as expected.

The lack of bicycle lanes in Los Angeles County is just one of the various causes of bicycle accidents in the area. Based on available data, the following also play a big role in the rise of bicycle accidents:

Negligent drivers – Drivers who care less in the traffic situation are always a threat to cyclists. Accordingly, motorists who do not keep an eye on incoming cyclists are likely to cause a bicycle accident.

Vision-related issues
– It is a known fact that it is difficult to notice cyclists on the road. Cyclists who do not wear bright-colored outfit are vulnerable to accidents because motor vehicle drivers have difficulty noticing them.

Irresponsible cyclists – Bicycle accidents are not always caused by motorists but by cyclists themselves. Bicycle riders who do not follow traffic laws and fail to wear appropriate safety gears are a pedal closer to danger.

Bicyclists who want to learn more about safety should read the California Driver Handbook and other resources. They may also consult with a Los Angeles Accident Attorney to know their legal options in case they get injured in a bicycle accident.


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