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3 Basic Roles of Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys

Los Angeles Car Accident | Basic roles of los angeles personal injury lawyer

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Sports utility vehicle (SUV) accidents are not uncommon in the State of California. In fact, with hundreds of people killed in such accident each year, it could be said that SUV mishaps are becoming more and more prevalent in the state when compared to the past decade.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009 alone, about 622 people were killed in California due to SUV accidents. This only proves that the frequency of SUV accidents should not be overlooked but be taken seriously by California motorists.

Accordingly, Los Angeles motorists or pedestrians who get involved in SUV accidents are advised to do the following:

•    Get medical assistance.
•    Secure all medical records and documents.
•    Secure and make copies of receipts from medical treatment, medication, and auto repair.
•    Get the other driver’s personal and contact information.
•    Contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is vital in claiming for damages in an SUV accident case in Los Angeles. Although SUV accident victims may claim for compensations on their own, it is still best to have a legal representative on their side. The expertise and legal know-how of Los Angeles accident attorneys will be very beneficial to SUV accident victims in getting just amount of injury payments from the liable driver.

The following are some of the many roles that a personal injury attorney can perform for the benefit of his or her clients:

Case assessment and analysis – Personal injury lawyers can help their clients in determining how much they can recover. Also, they can help their clients determine the legal steps in claiming for personal injury damages. Accordingly, SUV accident victims who are not certain with the actions they have to do are advised to get assistance from an accident lawyer for proper guidance and legal aid.

Proving the fault of the liable party – The first step in claiming for personal injury damages is proving the negligence of the liable individual/group of individuals involved. However, proving one’s fault in an SUV accident is not easy, which is why it is vital for claimants to seek assistance from an experienced car accident attorney.

Negotiating with insurance companies – Claimants can negotiate with the insurance company’s agents and adjusters without the help of a personal injury lawyer, but doing such is not advisable. Negotiating with insurance company is both complicated and tricky. For one, certain insurers would do anything to trick claimants in receiving unjust amount of payments. Hence, it is important for SUV accident victims to get help from an accident attorney who can represent them in the negotiation process.


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