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Top 3 Gadgets that Can Distract Drivers

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Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of fatal accidents in the United States. Statistics say that in 2010, more than 3,000 people were killed and some 416,000 were injured in road accidents that involved distracted drivers.

Distracted driving may be cause by a variety of reasons, and these include:

•    Using electronic gadget
•    Eating and/or drinking
•    Smoking
•    Grooming
•    Talking to vehicle occupants
•    Reading/using navigation system or map
•    Watching on-board video
•    Adjusting on-board sound system

Incidentally, using electronic handheld device is the leading cause of distracted driving in the country. The availability of such devices is so convenient these days that almost any person can have one. According to statistics, teenage drivers are the common victims and/or culprits of electronic gadget-related distracted driving.

Additionally, there are particular electronic gadgets that can easily distract a driver, and these are:

Cell phones/smart phones – Drivers who text or communicate using their mobile phones are considered at-risk motorists. When a driver divides his or her attention into driving and using his or her cell phone, it is highly unlikely that he or she can effectively focus on driving, which can result in a deadly car accident.

Navigation system – This device is designed to help drivers to conveniently reach their destination; however, it can also make everything complicated for motorists. Drivers who are busy using the vehicle’s navigation system can miss the traffic situation, which can cause them to make driving errors.

Tablet PCs – Tablets are becoming more and more popular these days, but drivers who own these gadgets should refrain from using them while driving because they could end up in an accident.

In the State of California, under the state’s vehicle code, drivers are not allowed to operate their vehicle while using any electronic handheld device. Drivers who will violate the said code may be ticketed or fined by authorities.

Los Angeles accident attorneys always remind California drivers not to be distracted while driving to ensure their own and other people’s safety on road.

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