Tuesday, November 12, 2013

According to study: Los Angeles Not Safe for Pedestrians

Traffic accident that can cause severe injury

 Los Angeles is a hotspot for different types of road accidents, and pedestrian accidents are not an exemption.

A study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found out that Los Angeles pedestrians are particularly at risk of getting involved in traffic accidents. read more about traffic accidents here

The said study found that pedestrians make up to about a third of all traffic fatalities in the Los Angeles area. This means that the rate of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles is nearly triple the national average of 11.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2009 alone, about 563 Californians were killed as a result of pedestrian accidents. This number accounted for 19 percent of the total fatal road accidents in the state.

According to Michael Sivak, a professor at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, it is not surprising that pedestrian accidents are common in Los Angeles because of its urban setting. He added that crowded and highly-urbanized areas like Los Angeles and New York are common places for fatal pedestrian accidents.

As it is, the odds are unfortunately not on the side of Los Angeles commuters and pedestrians; hence, they have to equip themselves with the right knowledge about traffic safety.

The following are some of the simple and effective safety tips for pedestrians:

Use designated crosswalks – Never attempt to jaywalk because you would only put your life in danger when a driver failed to notice you crossing.

Wear something bright – Wearing bright-colored outfit will make you easily noticeable by motor vehicle drivers.

Avoid walking on busy roadways – Roadways packed with vehicles are likely to become a pedestrian accident scene. Avoiding such places can spare you from one.

In case you get hit by a vehicle while walking in Los Angeles, the best way you could do after receiving medical treatment is to contact an expert injury attorney in los angeles. He or she can represent you and help you in claiming for personal injury damages.


  1. I used to think that Los Angeles is one of the safest place from crimes. But roses come with thorns. Traffic in Los Angeles is very dangerous for pedestrians.

    Arnold Brame
    Health And Safety Consultant Norfolk