Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July: Celebrating Freedom Responsibly with Motorcycle Riding Safety in Mind

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Today, the whole nation celebrates Independence Day and a lot of Americans would probably be seen riding their motorcycles during the weekend. Americans are such big fans of motorcycles. If anything, riding a motorcycle gives you that feeling of freedom of mobility. It lets you zip through tight spaces that its 4-wheel counterparts can’t go. There are also different motorcycles for different uses. A perfect testament of the Americans’ love affair with motorcycle is its active role in the development of the motorcycle that we know now.

History of American Motorcycles

Ever since its introduction in the late 1800s Americans have shown their love for these motorcycles. American inventor Sylvester Roper Roxbury of Massachusetts has come up with his very own interpretation of the first motorcycles, with the Roper steam velocipede in 1869. Americans have its line of motorcycle manufacturers and one of them, Indian, became the world’s largest manufacturer until before World War I started. Though other countries have taken over the helm of motorcycle production, Americans have still come up with powerful, exciting motorcycles, particularly highway cruisers. The US has a lot of motorcycle manufacturers. That includes the ever popular Harley Davidson, the legendary Indian, and other revolutionary new brands.

Motorcycle Safety in Los Angeles during 4th of July

Up to this very day, the motorcycle culture in the country is still very much alive and thriving, just like the freedom that we enjoy. However, like this country’s freedom that we are celebrating, the same feeling that one feels while riding a motorbike, we should be aware of a rider’s responsibility for safety. A Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer pointed out studies that were held recently, motorcycle riders 35 times are more likely to get hurt or worse, die during motor vehicle accidents. In 2006, approximately 88,000 motorcyclists got hurt in highway accidents alone. Also, some 4,810 riders were killed in these accidents. With Independence Day being the worst day for motor vehicle accidents, riders should make it a point to put riding safety on top of everything else. So how can riders stay safe while having fun riding their bikes? Here are some quick tips.

Before riding, make sure to thoroughly check the condition of your motorcycle. Making sure that your bike is in tip top shape to ensure that there won’t be unexpected breakdowns that could potentially cause accidents.
Practice safe riding habits. Ride at moderate speeds. Always be on the lookout for possible hazards around you. This way you’d be able to stay away from them and keep yourself an innocent people on the road safer.
Keep distractions away. Do not drink and ride. Wear safety gear. While riding, make sure that you have all of the safety gear needed while riding to lessen if not avoid injuries in the event of a crash.

Keeping riding safety in mind will definitely help you and others on the road safe from motorcycle accident-caused injuries and death. In the event of a motorcycle crash, do not forget to ask the help of a Los Angeles attorney to help you in processing claims for your injuries after the accident. Freedom is such a great gift given to us. This Independence Day, the perfect way to celebrate this freedom is by riding our motorcycles wisely and responsibly.


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