Monday, June 24, 2013

Determining Two Types of Motorists on a Bad Weather Day

type of driver on bad weather
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 The weather condition outside is one of the many factors that many motorists often consider before deciding to drive. If the weather is fair and with no signs of precipitation, then it is obvious that they can drive their vehicles. Without any visual obstructions, drivers are able to make sound driving decisions, as well as react to any hazards that may come their way, therefore avoiding collisions or other accidents.

But what if the weather turns out to be bad? The best safety measure is to not drive at all, since bad weather conditions could prevent them from making sound driving decisions due to low to zero visibility. However, there are times when the weather unexpectedly turns bad while drivers are on the road.

As a precautionary measure, they have to drive slowly, especially that there is low to zero visibility or that the roads are slippery, which could trigger an accident if not taken into account. In these situations, drivers can be classified into two types. One is the extremely timid type and the other is the reckless type.

The first type is someone whose intentions are good, but are realistically bad. They are those who drive at very, very low speed during a bad weather day, overestimating the danger that lies within such a situation. When this happens, expect a major build-up of vehicles lining up on a roadway. While other motorists would try to get past these types of drivers, it is possible that an accident may occur, mainly because of being too careful.

The second type, on the other hand, is those who don’t seem to care about the consequences of their actions, given the high risk that an inclement weather condition brings. They are the ones who do not slow down a slippery wet road, as if they are riding down the road on a sunny day. Such a reckless attitude behind the wheel in an inherently dangerous condition may result in an accident.

These types of drivers should not be imitated or emulated. For many expert litigators such as a Los Angeles car accident attorney, whenever people drive under such a bad weather day, it is best to move along slowly and with caution, but still maintaining a considerable speed.


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