Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Curbing Road Accidents Involving Teenagers

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Teenage drivers are the most common victims in road accidents these past few years. According to a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, teenage drivers are most likely to figure in road accidents.

What makes teenagers at higher risk in road accidents?
Despite the information they have acquired from driving lessons and even after driving tests, teenage drivers have very minimal experience in driving vehicles. This inexperience makes them less capable of making the right decisions when demanding situations happen. Add this to a teenagers’ generally reckless attitude, then you have an accident waiting to happen every time they are behind the wheel of a car.

Not too long ago, a teenager behind the wheel of a car in Newport Beach together with four friends figured in an accident that got him and all of his passengers killed. An unlicensed 17-year-old Adbulrahman M. Alyahyan, drove the Infiniti travelling southbound on Jamboree Road, north of Island Lagoon suddenly veered off the road, slamming into a tree. The impact was so strong that it severed the vehicle and caught fire. All of the five children occupants of the car died at the scene.

What can you do to help stop accidents involving teen drivers from happening?
A Los Angeles attorney shared that driver error has been the most common reason why car accidents involving teenagers happen. He added that driving the influence and distracted driving are also the two major contributors as to why these kids end up in fatal crashes.

One thing that you can do is enroll your children in reputable driving schools. These will give them the right knowledge that they need when the time comes that they will be driving. Also, by being good role models to them, these children can pick up your driving style and can end up emulating you. You can also spend more time training your kids yourself. More than being able to instill in them good driving practices, you can also use this as a special time to bond with them. While you are at it, you can better guide your kid in doing the right thing while they are behind the wheel.

Teenage drivers can really get irresponsible and immature at times. But by being there for them and guiding them, you can help contribute making your kids better motorists. This could help make the roads safer for everyone using it.


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