Thursday, December 8, 2011

saving 2000 Lives on new GDL Requirements

National Safety Council had released a new study. The council said that as many as 2000 live can be saved anually if restriction was placed in a teenagers driving license. The agency was formed by congress, and they suggested that adoption of graduated driver licensing system will gradually lessen the traffic fatalities such as automobile accident and motorcycle accident that causes death for teenagers in US.

GDL laws have been on the drivers book since 1998, Teenage applying for California license must obey certain rules and guidelines in order to receive a provisional drivers license and finally a full driver's license.  Based from the agency’s estimation,  at least a hundred lives can be saced every year. According to a new study, if only California will adopt the proposed GDL requirements, additional 133 lives can be saved annually in the state.

Below are the components of proposed requirement for GDL:

*16 is the minimum age for a learner's permit
*Supervised Driving for 6 months
*Supervised driving during learner's stage is 30 hours
*16 1/2 minumum intermediate licensing
*Nightime driving is restricted up to 10pm only
*Intermediate license holder must not more than non-family passenger
*for a full license 17 is the minimum age


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