Monday, March 12, 2012

List of Famous People Who Were Killed in Car Accidents

News stories about celebrities getting in trouble with traffic laws are not new these days, but stories about famous people getting killed in road accidents are always depressing and alarming. Historically, there were many celebrities and famous people who were killed due to traffic mishaps, including Steve Prefontaine, General George Patton, James Dean, and Princess Diana.

Steve Prefontaine

During the 1970s, Prefontaine was one of the country’s rising proficient track and field runners. However, months before his debut in the Summer Olympics in 1975, he died in a car accident when he avoided an incoming vehicle. His car crashed into a stone wall causing the runner’s death. He was only 24 when his run for life ended.

General George Patton

General Patton is one of the most prominent American figures during the World War II. He was known for brainstorming and executing prolific war strategies against Nazi Germany. General Patton is considered by many as the father of tank warfare. He did not die in combat but was killed in a car accident in Germany. The Cadillac that Patton was riding collided with a truck in Germany on December 9, 1945, killing the 60-year-old general.

Princess Diana

Diana Princess of Wales, was known not only for marrying Prince Charles in 1981, but was also recognized as a champion of charity works. The interesting life story of Diana unfortunately ended too soon. On August 31, 1997, she, her boyfriend, and two others were killed in a car crash on a road tunnel in Paris. Investigations found out that Diana’s Mercedes was trying to evade a group of paparazzi.

James Dean

Considered as one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors of his time, James Dean was a popular celebrity during the 1940s until the 1950s. Unfortunately, his career ended when his 1955 Porsche Spyder crashed with another car in California. The untimely accident caused the death of Dean.

James Dean is not the only fatal victim of car accidents in California. Hundreds of people are killed each year in the State due to vehicular accidents, which is why it is always convenient to know an experienced Lawyer for Car Accident in Los Angeles who can help you out when a road accident occurs.


  1. Princess Diana's case was pretty weird. People say that her car crashed because of the ghostly road from where she took her car that day.

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