Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Dog Breeds that Tend to become Aggressive

Dogs can be cuddly, lovable, and entertaining — but they can also be dangerous animals masked as cute canines. It is not new to many that dog attacks are common in many parts of the United States, including California. According to Los Angeles attorneys, several personal injury cases are pursued each year in California due to dog bite accidents.

One of the many reasons why dogs bite is their breed. It’s because certain dog breeds were created to become hostile to people and other animals. These breeds were originally made to protect their masters and 
to herd farm animals.

The following are some of the dog breeds that have a reputation for being aggressive:

Chow chow – Chows are best known for their big furry coat and cute face, but they have the tendency to become aggressive and possessive of their masters. Chow Chow owners are advised to constantly train and socialize their pets; otherwise, their dogs can become a liability to them.


Doberman pinscher – Dogs with this breed are usually great guard dogs because of their alertness. Doberman dogs were specifically bred for guarding their masters’ family and properties. However, such characteristic can cause problems if their instincts provoke them to attack innocent people.

German shepherd – Intelligent and alert – these are the common traits of German shepherd dogs. These dogs are commonly used by the police and the military because of their skills in bomb and contraband detection. However, if not properly trained and socialized, they can become very aggressive towards innocent people.

Rottweiler – Rotties are popular herding dogs in Germany centuries ago. Since they were originally bred for herding, they naturally have the tendency to become aggressive. Poorly trained and socialized Rottweiler dogs can become hostile and dangerous to people and other animals.


Pit bull terrier – Fearlessness is in the bloodline of pit bull dogs. They are known for their physical power and courage, and they can take on anyone if they feel they are being threatened or provoked to attack. However, pit bull owners should not be intimidated with their pets because a well-trained dog can actually become calm and submissive.

Any dog, regardless of its breed, can display aggressiveness and hostility to people if they are not properly trained. Hence, dog owners in Los Angeles should make sure that their pets are well taken care of to avoid dog bite accidents.


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