Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Pick the Best California Law School

top 10 california best law school

If you are an undergraduate student who is planning to take up law and to become an accomplished Los Angeles attorney one day, then knowing beforehand the best law schools in your state is a must.

In California, there are numerous respected and reputable law schools, and knowing which one best fits your interests is a not handy chore.

According to Top-Law-Schools.com, a website dedicated in determining the best law schools in the United States, the following are the 15 top-performing law schools in California:

1. Stanford Law School
2. U.C. Berkeley - Boalt Hall
3. UCLA Law School
4. USC Law School
5. U. California Davis Law School (King Hall)
6. U. California Hastings Law School
7. U. of San Diego Law School
8. Loyola Law School
9. Santa Clara Law School
10. U. of San Francisco
11. Pepperdine Law School
12. U. of the Pacific (McGeorge)
13. Southwestern U. Law School
14. Chapman U. Law School
15. Whittier U. Law School

Knowing the best law schools in your state is not enough in helping you decide what school to choose. Other than the school’s reputation, there are other factors you need to consider before finally choosing your school, such as:

Faculty – The school should have experienced and respected faculty members; otherwise, you cannot maximize your time studying at that school. It is advisable to know who teaches at the school you are planning to go to so you could determine whether or not that school fits your interests.

Tuition fee – If you are tight on your budget, you should consider going to a law school that is reputable but charges its students with relatively low tuition fee. Inquiring for the estimate amount of tuition from the school is beneficial in dealing with this factor.

Curriculum – The school’s curriculum should be at par with your interests and expectations; Hence, choose the school that offers the curriculum that best fits your needs as a law student.


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