Thursday, May 2, 2013

When the Joy in Joyrides End

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Joyrides on highways are such a great thing to do. Speed gives you that feeling of adrenaline. It gets you excited, that help you enjoy your trips better. However, in every fun activity, you should never forget that driving, just like every privilege, comes with a responsibility. That is why while operating a vehicle; one must make sure that you keep safety in mind, above anything else.

Just recently, a vehicle that was running too fast got out of control. This made the car cross the other side of the road, crashing with another car. The wrong-way driver immediately died, as well as the driver from the other vehicle. The police are still trying to investigate what the real cause of the accident was. The authorities are once again, also looking into the possibility of alcohol or drugs, causing the accident.

Alcohol is not necessarily bad, especially when taken in moderation. Oftentimes, alcohol has psychological effects that helps one enjoy better and throw their cares away. Prescription drugs have good effects too but only when taken in proper dosages. On the other hand, prohibited drugs have no positive benefits after all and could only cause health and mental problems for its users.

The government has time and again has shown the negative effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as well as other government agencies, federal and state agencies, many programs have been launched and many operations were held, just to put a stop to irresponsible driving and prevent drunk or drugged driving. However, all of these efforts will be put into waste if the general public won’t join the government in looking for solutions.

A Los Angeles personal injury lawyers reminded the public that as a driver or operator of a vehicle, one has the responsibility to make sure that he or she will be driving safely. He has also called on victims of such accidents or their relatives to fight for their rights and file the necessary cases and claims to get those responsible liable for their actions or lack thereof. Joyrides are fun, and you can pump up the fun by injecting a little responsibility while having fun.


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