Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Dangers That Come With Drunk Driving

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Drinking has many health benefits
Drinking alcohol isn’t necessarily bad. In fact regular (but moderated) intake of alcoholic drinks has health benefits that can really improve one’s overall health condition. However, too much of everything can’t be good for you. High alcohol levels can get one drunk, make them lose their inhibitions and at times, make them do things that they’d regret later on.

Drunk Driving is bad.
Because it can make someone lose his or her concentration, drinking and driving are some things that don’t really get along well. It does not matter if one person has a strong sense of control; alcohol will still have an effect to one’s driving. You lose your reflexes, and your senses don’t seem as sharp as when you are sober. This makes you unable to react quickly to various hazards that come your way. Moreover, one becomes more daring when they are drunk, leading to irresponsible maneuvers and ultimately, accidents. According to a group of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers, drunk driving has been the cause of thousands of recorded road accidents in the country. These have caused thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

An accident caused by drinking
One Sunday morning, an accident happened that got eight injured people rushed to the hospital for treatment. According to police reports, an alleged drunk driver rammed the vehicle that he or she was driving on two cars that were on an intersection, waiting for their time to pass. The impact caused a multi-vehicle collision causing the damage to the cars and injuries to the victims.

Government efforts to stop drunk driving
Given the extent of the accidents caused by these incidents of drunk driving, the government has been doing their best, coming up with new programs to help make people realize further the bad effects of drunk driving. Also DUI checkpoints are done every now and then to apprehend drunk drivers. These along with the implementation of anti-drunk driving laws are some of the measures being taken by the government to help prevent, if not stop DUI accidents from happening.

As a driver, you are given a great responsibility of being control a victim. As this is more of a privilege than a right, you should be responsible when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle and try to put safety on top of your priorities.


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