Friday, May 10, 2013

Los Angeles Couple Gets Justice for Their Child’s Wrongful Death

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For parents, nothing is more important than being able to raise your kids. Being your very purpose in this world, you only want the best for your children. One of the most painful thing that can happen to parents is to see their kids die before them. But what if your child’s death is caused by somebody else’s fault? That could easily be the worst thing ever right?

Challenges of having a special child
Raising a normal kid is hard as it is. Raising a child with disabilities is simply harder. They have special needs and therefore require more attention and caring. Despite these hardships, you will still do anything that you can to ensure that they are well taken care of and that their needs are provided for. In these situations, you’d probably hire professionals that can help you give the best possible care for your kids. But what happens when the people you hired failed to do their jobs and instead cause your child’s demise?

Deadly caregivers
One California couple has lost their daughter, a woman diagnosed with schizophrenia, died due to suffocation in the presence of her caregivers. According to the investigation, 33-year-old victim got mad after one of the caregivers took a photo of her. She started to get violent prompting the caregivers to restrain her in the room. However, the victim was improperly restrained in her bed, causing her to suffocate. To make matters worse, the caregivers don’t know how to administer CPR, failing to revive the victim.

The Battle for justice
Any parent would do anything to get people responsible for their child’s death accountable for their actions, or the lack of it. That is why, the couple asked the help of a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer and filed the proper complaint against the caregivers and the company that hired them. After a taxing legal battle, the couple was awarded $7.7 million payment for damages caused by the victim’s death.

This victory is a proof that medical professionals should have the right training to make sure that their patients get the best care possible. Moreover, this is a great affirmation that the state and federal personal injury laws are working, giving victims the justice that they deserve. While the compensation may not be enough to bring back the life of your child, the thought that you fought for and got justice for their death is what’s more important.


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