Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Negligence Can End One’s Life

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Nobody wants any of their loved ones subjected to great danger, right? In as much as possible, you’d want to be able to protect the people you love from harm. You’d do no matter what to ensure their safety. However, one should learn to accept that you can only try so hard to protect one from injuries and pain. You would never be able to always be by your loved one’s side to protect them from being exposed to the many dangers in life.

Knowing that you can’t always protect your loved ones from the dangers in life, it is even more painful to see them get injured or worse, die because of somebody else’s negligence. Take the case of the Valenzuela family in Palmdale, California. They are now facing great pain and despair after their kid, 18-year-old Michael, was struck and killed by a school bus while biking.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Michael just left for his first day of work and was about to go to a park nearby to play soccer with the kids. However, just as he was crossing the street, a bus carrying more than 40 students from Los Amigos School hit him.

Friends and family of Michael Valenzuela are all mourning now as they can’t comprehend why such unfortunate incident happened to their loved one. All of them are remembering how kind-hearted and passionate Michael was and how this unfortunate tragedy prematurely ended his life.

Residents in the area said that this is not the first time that such an incident happened. They have repeatedly asked the city to install warning lights at the intersection since a lot of kids are using the park’s soccer fields. This way, the residents believe that accidents such as this could be prevented. Sadly though, the City government hasn’t complied to their request yet.

Accidents like these should have not happened if the authorities were only quick to react in fixing what needs to be fixed in their areas of responsibility. In cases like these, you can file for personal injury claims if you can prove that there are negligent parties and actions that have caused the accident.

So if you or your loved one has suffered from incidents such as these and you believe that someone is responsible for such things, you can ask the help of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to assist you in filing for claims. With the right cases filed, you don’t only get monetary compensation as payment for all of the damages that this incident has caused you and your family. Stand up for your rights and don’t let negligent people get away from their actions or the lack of it. By filing the necessary complaint, you can finally get the justice that they deserve.


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