Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Educating Yourself on the Perils of Distracted Driving

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Not all drivers are able to maintain their focus and attention to the road, no matter how long or short the distance of the trip is. More often than not, their one hand is on the steering wheel while the other is clutching on their cell phones, speaking with a friend or office colleague or texting a loved one.

Looking up ahead on the road and then on the phone screen and back again is just a piece of cake for those who are used to it. However, doing so puts them in danger of getting seriously injured or killed. Such is distracted driving.

To begin with, distracted driving is any activity that disrupts the attention of the driver to his or her primary task, which is, of course, driving. In other words, taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds, or even removing your hands off the steering wheel, could spell disaster not only for you, but also for your passenger/s, pedestrians, and other motorists that share the road with you.

Distractions that drivers do while behind the wheel include using mobile phones to text or call, grooming, reading, tinkering with the car stereo, and talking to passengers, among many others. Moreover, distracted driving is one of the key factors as to why accidents occur on America’s roadways.

In fact, deaths related to distracted driving increased by 1.9 percent in 2011, in which 3,331 such deaths were recorded. Injuries, however, decreased by 7 percent that same year, in which an estimated 387,000 such injuries were recorded. Said data shows how deadly getting distracted while driving can be.

Fortunately, states and other localities have made strides to end distracted driving on their roadways. In fact, many of them have passed and implemented stringent laws that prohibit texting, talking on the cell phone, and other non-driving activities while driving.

Aside from that, distracted driving-related information through websites allow people to become educated and be informed about the perils of driving distractions, which would enable them to make decisions on what they should and should not do behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Los Angeles personal Injury Lawyers and other legal experts believe that learning from distracted driving and its perilous effects to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists can help promote better and safe driving on the road.


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