Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On Calculating for Your Personal Injury Damages

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No matter how good one takes care of his or herself, accidents are bound to happen. When it does, they leave him or her sustaining injuries. With these injuries, the victim may end up either physically, or mentally unable to work. How can one pay for your bills, help you survive with your daily life, as well as have yourself treated and rehabilitated well?

Given this predicament, one has no choice but to file for a personal injury claim. By doing so, he or she would be able to receive compensation for his or her injury, helping him or her get by with each day and recover from his or her injuries.

Basically, personal injury is one of the most tort claims in the United States. Every year, Americans file their claims for personal injury after being involved in different kinds of accidents.

As it is, filing a personal injury claim is not easy. You have to go through a lot of difficult steps before the ball starts rolling, and have your claims processed. But how much can you get out of these claims?

Insurance companies are compensating personal injury victims in different ways. It could be for any of the following reasons:

•    Payment of medical care and expenses;
•    The equivalent amount of income you’ve lost because of the accident;
•    Support for permanent disability or disfigurement;
•    Damages for family, social, and educational experiences;
•    Damages for the stress, embarrassment, depression, strains in your family relationship, or other emotional damages; and
•    Payment for property damage related to the injury.

But just how do they compute the amount of the damages you’d receive?

•    The company adds up the total of medical expenses including “medical special damages” and “general damages”. 
•    This amount is multiplied by the depending on the graveness of the damage. It starts from lows of 1.5 to 2, to as much as 5. For severe damages, the amount may be multiplied by as much as 10.
•    The adjuster adds on the amount of income one has lost as a result of his or her injury. Then, your lost income is added.

The methodology given doesn’t yield the final amount though. Instead, that would be the mean amount where the negotiations will begin. The most important part is the factoring in of the “percentage of fault” between the defendant and the plaintiff, which is not an exact science.

To ensure that you will receive a bigger amount as payment for the damages you suffered, you must hire the services of a reputable personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. A legal counsel can give you good legal advice to help mount a stronger, more credible claim. This way, you can get a bigger amount that can help secure both you and your family’s future.


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