Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What You Should Do When Dealing with Dog Attacks

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It is a common sight here in Los Angeles to see people with their pet dogs in parks or walking down the street. These different breeds of dogs are quite difficult to ignore and more often than not, you’d find yourself staring at them or touching them.

Dogs, no matter how gentle they are, could pose a threat to humans. Some dogs, because of their protective nature, can attack individuals whom they think are a threat to them or their masters. A simple gesture could make a dog attack somebody. That is why you should always be careful in dealing with dogs.

Here are some tips on how to prevent dog attacks, or at least, lessen the possible injuries when such event happens:

•    Never agitate them. Dogs can interpret smiling as baring your teeth for a fight. Making eye contact with them makes them think you are about to attack them. Also, dogs that are chained are more likely to be aggressive.
•    See the signs. If a dog approaches you with its head held high or low, are less likely to attack. On the other hand, a dog whose head is leveled means business. A dog that’s loping gait means they are being playful; an even steady run is more likely to attack you.
•    Block them. When a dog attacks you, do something to block them and don’t hesitate. Use your leg, a stick or anything around to block the dog from biting you.
•    Keep calm. Panic makes the dog feel more confident, causing it to either threaten or attack you. Either one of them can aggravate the situation. As such, commanding them is necessary for it to hesitate on attacking you, giving you a chance to back away. However, you cannot run as it may chase and catch you even more.
•    Back away slowly and leave. Once a dog loses interest in you, you can now leave and go.

While dogs’ possible actions are very difficult to predict, keeping these tips in mind will help you avoid getting attacked.  These simple pointers can prevent you from a dog attack and seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.


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