Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slowing Down: Traffic Crashes as a Result of Weather Conditions

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Most of the time, people often point fingers at driver error as the primary reason for traffic crashes. However, there a lot more reasons as to why accidents happen on the roadways. One of them is the weather condition outside. It is not all the time drivers would operate their respective vehicles only on a bright, clear day.

As it is, weather can sometimes be unpredictable. A sunny day may later on become a cloudy one, which could likely result in a heavy downpour. Having to deal with weather, indeed, comes with certain adjustments on the part of the drivers.

How weather conditions can be a factor in traffic crashes

Rainy conditions can create a mess on highways. It is said that the first half-hour of rainfall can result in a slippery roadway. When this happens, it is expected that isolated incidents of rollovers and collisions may occur over a large area.

Once a big rainstorm comes, motorists won’t be able to make adjustments on the fly, especially if they are used to driving on a clear day. More often than not, they’ll be moving along the highway too fast, which could spell disaster.

As a rule, it is very important for them to drive carefully, with or without rain, whenever the road is slick with mud and other debris. Wet pavement basically causes the tires of cars and other vehicles to lose traction, making it difficult to apply the brakes when potential hazards present themselves on the road.

The same thing happens when the road is covered in patches of snow or ice. Motorists apparently are at risk of skidding, especially when turning a curve or going fast on a highway. Also, there is also the risk of an accident due to reduced visibility brought by fog or heavy rain.

Motorists, therefore, must be able to make quick decisions when driving under these conditions. Expert litigators such as the Los Angeles car accident lawyer advise all motorists to slow down when the road is wet and always on the lookout on some of the hazards that may suddenly appear on the road.


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