Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ready for Your Los Angeles Car Accident Case? If Not, Read This

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Car accident cases are among the most common forms of personal injury cases in the City of Angels. Every year, hundreds of car accident cases are being filed in Los Angeles because of road accidents here and there. The relatively high frequency of car accidents in the city is the main reason for the rise of personal injury cases not only in the city, but in the whole California.

If you are a Los Angeles driver or car owner, it is your duty to know the basics about personal injury law for you to effectively protect yourself in case you get involved in an auto accident.

What does the law say?

Under the existing tort laws in California, a driver who causes harm or injury to another individual because of his or her negligence could face legal charges. Additionally, car accident victims can press civil charges against the driver who caused them injuries for them to recover compensations. Such monetary relief could help them take care of the various expenses brought about by the accident.

What are the types of compensations one could recover?

Every car accident case is unique; hence, there is no exact answer to such question. However, the most common forms of personal injury damages that could be awarded to car accident victims include:

•    Payments for loss of income
•    Payments for future loss of income
•    Payments for hospitalization and medication expenses
•    Payments for pain and suffering
•    Payments for emotional anguish
•    Payments for mental distress

Can I settle a car accident case on my own?
There is no rule that requires accident victims to hire a lawyer for their case. However, expert legal practitioners strongly suggest to claimants to retain the services of an experienced and aggressive Los Angeles accident attorney for their case. A car accident lawyer can help them in speeding up the process of their claim so they can get the compensations they need in time.


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