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Basic Safety Tips for Los Angeles Motorcycle Riders

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Los Angeles roads are packed with different types of motor vehicles—from cars, trucks, SUVs, big rigs, and motorcycles. The city is known for its busy roads that are common places for major traffic accidents. Among the types of road accidents, motorcycle mishaps are among the most devastating since motorcycle riders do not have ample bodily protection.

Motorcycle accidents are fairly common in the Golden State. Based on the records of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the year 2009, almost 400 people were killed as a result of motorcycle accidents. Although this fatality rate is comparatively lower that others, it still poses significant threat to riders.

There are particular safety precautions Los Angeles motorcycle riders can do to avoid being involved in an accident, and these include:

1. Check motorcycle first before riding it – It is a must for all riders to check their vehicle if it is free from any mechanical problem. They should be particular with certain parts of the motorcycle, including its brake system, lights, motor, oil, tires, and fuel. Riders who think that their vehicle is not in good shape should refrain from using it and have it checked by an expert motorcycle mechanic.

2. Wear safety gears when riding – Before a rider hits the road, it is a must for him to wear all safety gears and wears. In California, all motorcycle riders are required to wear a crash helmet to protect their head in case of an accident. They are also advised to wear bright-colored outfit for them to be easily noticed by other road-users. Additionally, wearing knee and elbow pads is advised for the protection of their joints.

3. Do not drink and ride – Los Angeles motorcyclists should never ride while under the influence of alcohol as it could lead to disaster. Intoxicated motorists are more likely to be involved in a motorcycle crash because their motor and logical skills are compromised.

4. Use motorcycle lanes and do not swerve – Riders who keep on changing lanes are likely to crash their vehicle in one point. Hence, for their safety, motorcyclists are advised to ride only on motorcycle lanes. Using these lanes can save them from the dangers other bigger vehicles could cause.

Los Angeles motorcycle riders who got involved in an accident caused by another motorist should consult with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. Hiring an attorney is important, most especially if the victim is claiming for personal injury damages.


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