Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Four Motorcycle Racers who died off the Track

Motorcycle sport is not for the faint of heart. This sport is often associated with men with great machismo and bravery, because motorcycle-related accidents almost always cause life-altering and even fatal injuries.

However, this does not mean that motorcycle racers who were killed during their careers all died due to motorcycle accidents. There are particular racers who died because of helicopter crash, suicide, murder, and non-race road accident. Take a look at the following examples:

Norifumi Abe Motorcycle Accident

Norifumi Abe

Abe was a famous Japanese motorcycle road racer. He was known in the circuits of 500 cc and MotoGP races during his time. In October 2007, his love for the motorcycles and scooters became a factor for his death when he got involved in a fatal scooter-truck collision. A truck struck the scooter he was riding, causing his death.

Steven “Hizzy” Hislop Motorcycle Accident 

Steven “Hizzy” Hislop

Hislop is arguably the most exciting and most famous Scottish motorcycle racer of his time. He won the Isle of Man TT eleven times and was also crowned the champion of the British 250cc Championship and British Superbike Championship. Unfortunately, as much as he wants to keep his adrenaline on the ground, his fate ended on the air. In July 2003, Hizzy died in a helicopter crash in Scotland.

Edward “Ed” Jancarz Accident

Edward “Ed” Jancarz

Jancarz is not only known as the first speedway motorcycle racer to have a monument dedicated to him, but also he is a legend in the sport. He has participated in 10 Speedway World Championship during his career. Motorsport accident or any kind of road accident did not take his life, but the person he loved – his wife. In January 1992, Ed’s career and life ended after his wife murdered him in their home in Poland.

Rafal Kurmanski Motorcycle Accident

Rafal Kurmanski

Kurmanski became famous in the world of motorcycle speedway racing when he finished second in the 2001 Individual Under-19 European Championship. Unfortunately, he became part of Poland’s statistics on people who committed suicide when he took his own life on May 2004.

There are many ways how a motorcyclist can die, which is why Los Angeles attorneys always remind riders to take it easy while driving to avoid getting involved in a road accident.


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