Friday, April 13, 2012

Women vs. Men: Who are Better Drivers?

Female Vs Male Driver

American women drivers are often stereotyped as bad drivers. However, before men drivers celebrate and women motorists complain, they must review first statistics.

According to available data, men drivers are more likely to get killed in road accidents compared to women drivers – a point many sexist drivers tend to overlook. In 2009, more than 11,900 male drivers were killed in road accidents as opposed to only 4,900 deaths of women drivers.

The following are some more facts and figures that scrap the stereotype on women drivers:
  • About 89 percent of women drivers maintain their vehicles and keep them well organized to keep their focus on the road when driving
  • Male drivers are 77 percent more likely to get killed in car accidents than women drivers
  • Male motorists are more likely to violate traffic laws on reckless driving, impaired driving, speeding, seat belt, and stop signs, than women drivers
  • Auto insurance companies tend to favor women drivers than male drivers because the former are less likely to be involved in accidents

Even though the odds are on the side of women motorists, it does not mean that they can take it easy while on the road. Female drivers must not take chances on their safety by practicing irresponsible and negligent driving. They must remember that accidents can happen to anyone. In relation to this, the following are suggested tips for California female motorists in preventing auto accidents:

Drive defensively – Practice safe driving through defensive driving. Women drivers must keep their focus on the road to avoid getting hit by another car or crashing into another vehicle or property.

Do not drive drunk – Drunk driving can result in road accidents and life-altering or fatal injuries. Hence, female motorists must refrain from getting behind the wheel if they are intoxicated.

Obey all rules – Traffic laws are implemented for one reason – safety. Therefore, female motorists who do not want to get traffic tickets or get injured should abide by all traffic laws at all times.

California women drivers who get injured in a Los Angeles traffic accident caused by another motorist should immediately contact a lawyer. Under the law, car accident victims can claim for injury compensations from the liable party involved. Female car accident victims are advised to hire a Los Angeles injury attorney who can help them assert for injury payments.


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