Monday, February 20, 2012

Processing of Disability Insurance

California is known to be one of the most highly populated states within the U.S. However, it is also one of the states that has many employment-related issues.  The government fully notes of these and has made specific laws and agencies that cater to the needs of its labor force. This paved the way for the creation of the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA handles the cases of those who would like to get disability insurance in California.

Possible claimants or applicants of disability insurance in California are those who happened to be victimized by accidents. These people might be former workers whom had encountered an accident prior to reaching their retirement age. All of these are already predetermined by  a research made by the SSA, which states that there is 3 in 10 chances that a worker will become disabled even before reaching 20 years old. The Social Security Disability (SSD) is a particular program that caters to the aforementioned situation. Upon utilizing SSD, any citizen can get benefits from paying an ample amount of Social Security tax. Of course, like any program that is being offered by other institutions, there must be processes that must be followed.  It includes the following:

•    Taking an application to the Social Security Field Office – a place where the claim can be taken for processing after it comes from the SSA.
•     Returning to the Disability Determination Services, the examiner will be the one to get all the necessary medical records through sending requests from various hospitals and physicians that the applicant has indicated. They will assess the records afterwards and it may take months before a conclusion is released.

It must be known by all applicants that acquiring the services of an adept lawyer specializing in the aforementioned case is imperative. The success of the claim lies on the information that collected. Also, attorneys can get witnesses and detailed interviews from the physicians that can add to the validity of the client’s claim.


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