Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wrongful Death Defined

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Death is something that every living being in this world will face. It is a reality of life that cannot be avoided, only delayed. However, it doesn’t mean that one can’t live a full life. That is why people always ask questions about why someone dies ahead of them. This is also one of the reasons why losing important people for you really do hurt. People can die because of diseases or freak accidents. Though painful, those are causes of death that are much easier to deal with and accept. However, when the death of your loved one is something that is caused by the actions or negligence of some people that is when it gets harder to deal with. You can’t and must not just let their death go in vain.

Giving justice to your loved one’s untimely passing

Losing your loved one because of an unfortunate incident brought about by one’s actions or negligence is truly painful. That is why the federal and state laws came up with a way on how you can make the people responsible for the passing of a loved one liable for their actions. A wrongful death charge is something that you can file against someone who has indirectly caused the death of a loved one. This civil action can be filed by the close relatives of the victim. There are certain statues that depend on which state you are residing as to when and how you can file such claims.

Filing a wrongful death claim

While a lot of people know that you can file a wrongful death claim to avenge the death of your loved one, not a lot of people know how it is filed. And so, here is a quick guide on how you can file a wrongful death claim.
  • Meet the basic requirements in filing a claim. First up, a proof of death is needed. Then you need to collect pieces of evidence or present witnesses that can prove that the death of your loved one is caused by a particular person or a group of people. Finally, you need proof that you, or a group of people are suffering from trauma, whether emotional or financial as a result of the death of that loved one.
  • Hire a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer to help you. You need the assistance of a legal expert before you do file a claim. They will guide you in doing the best things that could make your claims strong. These lawyers will be legally representing and guiding you in this highly technical battle.
  • File your claims in compliance to the statutes in your state. Depending on what state you are on, there are statutes that limit the filing of wrongful death claims. That is why you should consult a Los Angeles attorney to help you file your claims according to the laws governing such claims.
After filing such claims, expect a hard-fought legal battle if this does not end up in a settlement. So make sure that you also are ready for all of the consequences and the challenges that come with filing a wrongful death claim. What matters here is that you have legal avenues to seek justice for the untimely loss of a loved one.


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