Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is Your Car Included in Vehicle Safety Recalls

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Every customer in the United States has the right to demand nothing but the best from the products that they buy. With every dollar and penny that an American spends on a particular item that they buy is their trust for that particular product. That is why there are consumer protection laws in the country to help ensure that these companies are held accountable for the quality, or the lack of it, of their products.

The same goes for big ticket items such as houses and vehicles. Not too long ago, Japanese carmaker Toyota got into trouble for the failure of some other components. The carmaker’s manufacturing defects have caused serious injuries and even death to its customers. That prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to put in place stringent quality control testing to ensure that the products that reach the market are free from the said problems.

Vehicle recalls
However, there are times when some defects are not discovered during the extensive qualitative testing of the vehicle manufacturer. If left unchecked or undetected, these pending problems on the vehicle can cause problems while travelling causing accidents. These accidents if left undetected could lead you and family hurt, or worse died. That is why you have to keep yourself updated about the latest recalls to have the things that need fixing on your vehicle fixed.

Left behind
Usually, vehicle recalls are done in batches. Certain series of a particular make and model are included in the recall and the others, not. Because of this nature of vehicle recalls, some manufacturers fail to serve and fix all of the vehicles that need to be recalled. There are also times when one person fails to have their vehicles serviced because they are not aware that their vehicle needs servicing.

NHTSA’s free Vehicle Identification Number searches
To help customers have their vehicles checked if it is included in the recall or no, the NHTSA offers vehicle owners a free VIN searches to help determine a certain vehicles inclusion or not in the vehicle recall. This online tool can be accessed by visiting the NHTSA website at Just key in your vehicle’s VIN and you will be notified if your vehicle is part of any recall activity. This project by the NHTSA aims to keep all American motorists safe from danger.

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney reminds every American motorist that their safety and their occupants should be on top of these carmakers’ priorities. That is why you should demand your vehicles be serviced if it is included in the NHTSA’s list of vehicles that need to be recalled. If they fail to do so and these defects caused injuries to you or your loved ones, you can file the necessary complaints through the help of a Los Angeles lawyer.


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