Monday, March 4, 2013

New “Cool” Car Features That Would Help Elderly Drivers

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On a cultural standpoint, most cars that are perceived as being “cool” and “hip” often catch the attention of many driving enthusiasts. In fact, one can name cultural icons and personalities who are very much associated with the vehicles they drive.

One of them is Rowan Atkinson. We all have watched him in character on many TV and cartoon series, as well as movies, being the childish jester doing funny antics while occasionally driving around on his Mini with his best friend, Teddy. In real life, Atkinson, who had his own share of misfortunes (including what had happened to him recently), is well-recognized for his overwhelming passion for cars.

Sure, personalities such as him, as well as other people of the middle or high level of society, can very much afford cars that are considered “cool” in both appearance and performance. However, such vehicles don’t only catch the eye of enthusiasts, particularly the younger generation of drivers. Apparently, “cool” cars now have features that would help the elderly drive easier.

While research shows that it is more likely for elderly drivers to wear seatbelts and drive slowly but surely, aging is still a primary contributing factor as to they get involved in accidents on the road. There are certain conditions in which driving can become a bit difficult, which is why carmakers today are doing its best to design vehicles for the benefit of the elderly, especially those who are physically limited.

One of them is the push-button ignition. For some elderly drivers who can’t turn the car keys on the ignition upon the vehicle’s startup, pushing the button would do the trick. Another feature in future cars is that the car doors are wider, enough for the driver or passenger to get in or out. For those who have difficulty turning their heads, or have poor peripheral vision, vehicles with lane-assistance technology are for them.

Incidentally, every Los Angeles car accident attorney is elated with this new development in the motoring industry, as these will not only help elderly drivers operate such vehicles comfortably and easily, but would likely decrease injuries and deaths in road accidents within the age group.


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