Thursday, March 21, 2013

Even Luxurious, High-end Cars Get Recalled

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Cars often undergo tough and complicated manufacturing processes. As expected of carmakers, assembling every car part, both exterior and interior, must be done correctly. Also, every feature should be in good, working condition. But then, even after every finished unit has been distributed to car dealers and showrooms, recalls happen.

Whenever there’s something wrong on a certain vehicle part, car manufacturers are expected to announce a recall as soon as possible especially if it possesses a potential hazard for those who have already them. Common ones that get recalled are those that we see on the street; surprisingly, even luxury cars that amount to six-digit figures even experience recalls.

In fact, here are some of the luxurious, high-end vehicles that have been recalled recently:

•    Rolls-Royce, 2010 Ghost models. The reason for the recall of nearly 600 of the 2010 Ghost models was that the “circuit board could fail and, ‘in extreme case,’ lead to the ‘smoldering of the water pump’ that helped to cool the turbocharger on the V-12 engine.” Such defect could lead to a fire. Price of a single unit of the vehicle is over $200,000.00.

•    Lexus, 2004 and 2006 models. The recall of about 137,000 units was brought about by a condition where the crankshaft pulley was misaligned, which would make steering difficult. Fortunately, no reports of accidents or injuries happened because of such defect.

•    Porshe, Carrera S models. Models of such that were manufactured between October 26, 2011 and January 24, 2012 were recalled by the automaker due to a potential fuel line disconnection. If not corrected, the vehicle may cause a crash due to stalling, or may cause a leak that might set the over $100,000.00 car on fire.

We can definitely see here that even high-end cars have manufacturing defects. People who own such cars should always be aware of the announced recalls, and that they must also do their part in detecting defects through periodic tune-ups of their vehicles. As every Los Angeles car accident lawyer suggests, vehicle defects are one of the main causes of accidental injuries or deaths among motorists.


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