Monday, March 24, 2014

Latest Dog Bite Statistics: 2013 Data

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Despite dogs being known for their gentleness and loyalty towards humans, they are still known to possess aggression, regardless if they were provoked or not. When these canines direct their aggression towards either their owners or to other people, the results can be catastrophic. Indeed, when a dog is threatened, its tendency is to attack through biting. Also, if a dog owner fails to take care of his or her pet, the potential of biting him or her or any other stranger increases.

While constant care, companionship, and training are still imperative in keeping canines from showing aggression towards their masters and strangers, occurrences of dog bites still occur every year, resulting in injuries and fatalities.

In fact, from 2005 to last year 2013, at least 283 Americans died because of dog bite injuries. Of the said figure, about 62 percent of these deaths (176) involved pit bulls, making the dog breed the most lethal. Following pit bulls in the said category are rottweilers, accounting for nearly 12 percent, or 33 out of the total fatality figure within the 9-year period.

Moreover, in the latest dog bite statistics for 2013, a slight decrease in U.S. dog bite fatalities were seen. Last year, at least 32 dog bite-related deaths happened, which was a big difference from 2012 wherein 38 fatalities were recorded. Of the said 2013 figure, 25 of them involved pit bulls despite being regulated in housing areas for military personnel and over 700 cities in the nation. The most lethal dog breed accounted for only 6 percent of the total dog population in the nation.

Also, out of the 32 who died due to dog bites in 2013, 18 of them were children 7 years old or below, while adults aged 25 years old or older accounted for 14 of the fatalities. Of the 18 children, 11 of them were 4 years old or younger. In terms of gender, male and female deaths were the same, at 16 each. Furthermore, five of the fatal dog bite incidents happened in the State of California, all of which involved pit bulls and three of them resulted in criminal charges.

Meanwhile, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles continuously reminds dog owners to exercise important measures with their pet canines so that fatalities can be avoided to them and to others. It would also help them avoid facing claims from the victims for their dog bite injuries.



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