Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mother and Two Kids Injured in Panorama City Crash; 70-year-old Driver Fled

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Anybody can (literally) drive a vehicle. Just how hard could that be? You just manipulate a few pedals, a shift stick (or a shifter for automatics), and the steering wheel and you are good to go. The real question is how many people can actually drive vehicles PROPERLY. When getting your driver’s license, you are subjected to many tests, which determine your capability in operating a vehicle while developing the right attitude for driving.

A bad case of hit-and-run

Sadly, a lot of people tend to forget these lessons that they have learned and end up figuring in accidents. What’s worse though is that some people have the audacity to leave their victims behind as if nothing has happened. In Panorama City, California, a mother and her two kids have been treated and are recovering from the injuries they sustained as they were hit by a car. According to reports filed by the authorities, a 70-year-old driver kept driving after hitting a family near Van Nuys Boulevard and Chase Street.

Manning up for one’s responsibilities

Though statistics are yet to prove this, the prevalence of hit-and-run cases reported on local media outfits is quite bothering. In almost every week, incidences where drivers are running from their responsibilities to their victims have been growing. That is why authorities are calling for more responsibility for drivers in the state. More than just being more careful when behind the wheel, people should at least be responsible enough to check on the victims should one get ever involved in an accident.

Reasons for hit-and-runs

Some lessons are learned the hard way. This is what a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer shared as he recalls experiences handling hit-and-run cases. Most of his clients relate to him how overwhelmed they are when it dawned on them the gravity of the responsibility that they will be facing because of the accident. However, this Los Angeles attorney reminded people not to be afraid and instead face their responsibilities as running away from it doesn’t solve their problems but instead worsens their situation. In the end, he reminded drivers to always be careful to avoid accidents, so they won’t ever need to face such huge responsibilities.


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