Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ways to Claim for Compensation

Road accidents in California do not only involve car collisions because every year hundreds of pedestrian accidents also occur in the State. According to statistics, roughly 60,000 people are killed annually due to pedestrian mishaps in the United States. Furthermore, children and the elderly people are at most risk for being fatally struck while crossing streets.

Pedestrian accidents in California may be prevented if people realize the most common causes for such mishap. The following are determined common factors that usually result in fatal pedestrian accidents:

·         Distracted driving
·         Failure to comply with traffic rules such as speed limits
·         Failure to respect pedestrians using designated crosswalks
·         Driving under the influence of alcohol
·         Pedestrian’s failure to follow traffic signal
·         Jaywalking
·         Inattentive walking

Pedestrian accidents may be prevented by following simple steps, and these include:

·         Comply with traffic rules
·         Give pedestrians the right of way especially when at school zones
·         Do not drive while using cell phone or other personal electronic devices
·         Slow down when passing by crosswalks
·         Never drive intoxicated
·         Be cautious when driving around places with many pedestrians
·         Do not attempt to walk on undesignated crosswalks

Pedestrians who get injured or harmed due to the negligence of a driver should consult with a California lawyer so as to learn about the appropriate legal step to take. Under the law, motorists who fail to provide reasonable care to others may face personal injury lawsuit.

Legally speaking, people who sustain injuries due to negligence of another have the right to assert for personal injury claim. If proven negligent, the liable party may have to provide compensatory payments to the victim. Compensatory damages may include payments for financial losses of the victim such as hospital bills, loss of income, and medications.
Filing for a personal injury lawsuit is generally complicated undertaking which is why it is suggested to contact with a California lawyer first before filing a claim.


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